6 Tips For Tennis Players Still At School

As you may know, to master a sport, it’s better to start practicing it as a child because this way you create a routine that helps you improve yourself over the years. As children are easy to distract it may be a little hard to focus on practice and training but with some discipline and a good motivation they can become the next tennis star like Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams. Here are some tips that will not make you an instant star but they can give you a boost.

1. Focus, it is about your mental

Despite being considered a physical, not mental sport it’s exactly the other way. It’s very important to keep focus and not crack under pressure. Learn how to control your emotions while playing and how to defeat fear to become a good player.

2. Keep yourself in shape

Yes, mentally it’s very important but to be a good player you also must be in good shape. As a child, you should take care of your health to become an important tennis player. Eating healthy is important, along with practicing other sports to maintain your fitness, for example swimming and athletics are two sports which can have a positive impact on young tennis players.

3. Practice makes you better, way better

The old adage practice makes perfect couldn’t be truer. The great players spend hours practicing each day even when very young and although a young player still needs a healthy school life balance, the formative years are extremely important if you want to fulfill your potential. With many teenagers already ranking in the top 50 you really have to dedicate yourself to practice if you to have a successful career as a tennis player.

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

As you are just starting your way to the big league you will surely make some mistakes, maybe striking the ball wrong, or just some attitude issues, don’t worry about them, they are very common, and they can be extremely useful because you can learn something from them. Look back at your mistakes and try never to do them again.

5. Learn the basics

To master tennis, you should master the rules and some basic strikes. The most known strikes are:

Forehand– Swing the racket on the side of the body with the body open to the ball.

Backhand– Swing, the racket on the side of the body with the body, closed off to the ball.

Drop shot– A shot that lands just over the net, forcing your opponent to run into the net.

Lob– A shot that passes over your opponents head, effective when he is close to the net.

This is just a rough explanation of these four basic strikes; a good trainer will teach you how to master all of them according to your playing style.

6. Choose a good trainer

It is very important to choose a good trainer that matches your playing style. If you don’t have a style yet don’t worry, go for a trainer, and he will help you choose the best playing style for you.

These are a few examples of how you should make your first steps from a novice player to an expert one. This tips won’t make you a great player just if you read them, you have to put them in practice and remember, be focused, take care of your health, practice according to your plan and find a trainer that will help you put them all together.