Andy Murray on Belief Mental Strength and Fortitude

In this video, sits down with current world number 1 Andy Murray to discuss some of the less spoken about chracteristics of the modern tennis player. In the interview Andy talks about the importance of mental fortitude and how these factors play a crucial part in the outcome of any match. We’ve often seen players unravel on court, or come back from seemingly impossible situations, saving several match points before going on to close out a match and in both situations, the mental attitude of each player is usually the decisive factor.

The top players.tend to have great reserves of mental strength which they call upon in challenging situations. We’ve seen marathon matches decided by the smallest margins and fantastic wins against the odds and the mental of strength each competitor should not be overlooked in such situations. Remaining calm and unfazed in high pressure situations is a major key to success and the players at the top end of the game, all employ sports psychologists to ensure they get that extra edge.

With the pressure to play major tournament after tournament and the demands from sponsors and the tour, Andy emphasises the need to disengage from the sport every once in a while and whether that’s spending time with family away from the court, or relaxing doing while enjoying other activities, time away from practice / playing is needed to ensure you are recharged and raring to go at the start of the next tournament.

Making it as a tennis player is no easy feat and Andy talks about the support he received from his family, why his mum is present at all his matches and why having that support network during your formative years will undoubtedly play a part in how you develop and progress as a tennis player.

The interview is a very interesting one, it touches on several key topics and we encourage all budding players, coaches and parents to give it a watch.