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Coaching Programme

The club’s coaching programme is one of the most comprehensive in the country, catering for players of all ages and abilities. Most of the programme is scheduled on the indoor courts, and not disrupted by adverse weather.
Our aim is to maximise every players’ potential so, whatever your aspirations, there should be a course suitable for you.
For new players, a short assessment session can be arranged with our head coach, free of charge, who will advise you on the appropriate course for your standard. The coaches monitor all players throughout the coaching sessions and will advise when it is appropriate to change courses.
All our coaching staff are LTA qualified and licensed coaches.
To apply for any of our courses, please complete an application form or register at reception.

Private lessons

  • Private lessons can be booked directly with our head coach , or our assistant coach , at a mutually convenient time. Lessons are either for one hour or half an hour and can be taken individually or in groups of up to three players.

Adult courses

  • These courses are run in blocks of 5 weeks.
  • Beginner/improver
    For those who have little knowledge of the game or want to improve their skills further. Sessions will include technique, rules and basic tactics and skills of the game.
  • Improver
    For players who can maintain a groundstroke rally from the baseline with both forehands and backhands, are able to serve and have an understanding of the rules and tactics for match play. Sessions will include technique incorporated within drills, games and tactics mainly for doubles play.

Junior courses

  • These courses run for 10 or 12 weeks beginning January, April and September.
  • Mini Tennis Blue (short tennis): under 5s’ co-ordination, 3-5 year olds
    This course uses fun games and activities that primarily develop co-ordination, ball skills and movement in preparation for mini tennis.
  • Mini Tennis Red (short tennis), 5-9 year olds
    Introduction to tennis using light-weight rackets, sponge balls and a smaller court. An excellent way to develop co-ordination, racket and ball skills and basic stroke technique. Lots of fun games including a selection of activity stations designed to provide a variety of tennis related learning experiences – the emphasis is very much on FUN.
  • Mini Tennis Orange: transition, 6-10 year olds
    For players progressing from mini tennis and have developed their skills sufficiently to move to a full size court with low compression balls. Equipment and court size are adapted to cater for the ability of players. Sessions cover co-ordination and movement, progressive development of the strokes, basic rules and tactics.
  • Mini Tennis Green: beginner 8-12 year olds
    For children of 10-12 years old who have played little or no tennis before and also for those from 8 years old who have progressed from mini tennis orange. Sessions include development of technique for all strokes, basic rules and tactical situations within a game to enhance skills and extend learning.
  • Improver
    For children who are able to maintain a groundstroke rally from the baseline, serve and play a game of singles, and have a basic knowledge of the rules. Sessions include technique, incorporated within drills, games and tactics for both singles and doubles play.
  • Advanced improver
    For children who can rally consistently from the baseline with both forehands and backhands. They must be able to play all the basic shots with a variety of spins and have an understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles. Sessions include drills and tactics for both singles and doubles match play.
  • Advanced
    For players who have an understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles. Players should be able to rally from the baseline and able to play all the basic strokes with spin, depth and accuracy. Players wishing to attend this should have an LTA rating and be approved by the Head Coach.
  • Performance squads
    Invitation only. These squads are designed for players who are in county training or who have the potential to progress to the county programme and are regularly competing in tournaments. Sessions will focus on drills preparation for match play, including the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game.

Holiday activities

  • The club organises a variety of activities during the school holidays. These include mini tennis (short tennis) and tennis coaching clinics, fun days, tournaments, doubles match play courses, under 5s’co-ordination groups, tennis camps, girls only tennis groups, games and activity days, etc.